professional, innovative custom web design

Do you build the site yourself or have a designer build it for you? Choose build the site yourself and your inserting colors, pictures and logos on a site layout that is being used by so many others, that everyone knows is a template. Choose a web designer and most likely you'll run from the quote given for the build. 20eight 2 is different from both. We do not use templates, we build your site from scratch and deliver a custom site to you at a fraction of the cost you'd normally pay.  20eight2 also provides hosting plans for your site with intuitive analytics and ease in editing.  Contact us today and rather than pick the closest template, create a unique custom web program suited for your specific needs at the perfect price.






social media development

Social media isn't the answer to all your marketing needs, but it is a great additional source for company exposure. 20eight 2 will help you choose and develop a program that fits your needs. We'll go through your options and advise you on the right platform to use, how to use it and create your foundation account for you to begin with.

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