20eight2 builds successful brands by providing complete services design, print, video, web and more


at a fraction of the expected price.




We design and produce.


We don't mark up pricing based on the amount colors, the kind of cameras used, etc everything is

done at the highest level


Our offset printing provides photo quality reproduction, we love huge banners, our standard card stock is most others "premium", all at pricing which is ridiculously cheap.


Mistakes happen, yes they do and anyone who says they don't is lying.


But we always work to over compensate for them.


We build custom at a price which other companies don't even sell their " template" at.


We hate templates, like seriously hate templates.


Everyone wants custom designs but doesn't want to pay what the going rate is for custom work.


So we just always produce high quality custom layouts at pricing our clients find as "perfect".


your brand deserves the best & professional vivid high quality design, printing & visual media

should not be expensive




welcome to 20eight2

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a creative brand solutions agency

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